What makes this system different?


IEHRC-AEVariable Refrigerant-to-Water
The core of the heat recovery system is a variable speed heat pump that utilizes a patented refrigerant management system that is connected to heat exchangers which transfer the energy into water for use. The unique heat recovery functionality captures 100% of the waste heat from cooling operations. Using water to distribute the energy provides very broad application flexibility.

Solar Ready
It is the world’s first major HVAC appliance that has an islanding inverter integrated into the unit. The PV array will connect directly to the heat pump and the heat pump will consume the available energy without it going to the grid. It can be grid-tied and/or connected to battery storage allowing for complete flexibility and management of electrical energy.

These capabilities make it a good fit for many applications, in particular for Micro-grids of many sizes. At the residential or campus level, this system could be the hub of a fully self-supporting micro-grid including generation, energy management, thermal storage and battery storage. At the utility scale, it can be utilized as a DER asset and managed to benefit TOU schedules or load shifting for peak shaving.

It accomplishes all of this with remarkable efficiency which translates into increased utilization of the renewable energy being created by the PV array (or other source). In the scenario where constant simultaneous loads exist, the heat pump operates with a coefficient of performance of up to 7.76! This means that for every 1.0 kWh of energy produced by a PV array, the heat pump can turn it into 7.76 kWh worth of heating or cooling that can be stored as hot or cold for use when desired. Couple battery storage to this and the result is an extremely flexible energy management system.

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